Upper Arm Electronic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor U81Q

● CE&FDA certificate ● OEM&ODM available ● Display screen: LCE big digital display ● 2*90sets of measurement results memory for two people ● A portable electronic blood pressure monitor

Products Details

Product Name Upper Arm Electronic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor U81Q
Measurement methods Oscillometric method
Measuring Location Upper arm
Measuring arm circumference 22~42cm(8.66~16.54 inch
Measuring range Pressure:0-299mmHg        Pulse:40-199 pulses/min
Measuring accuracy Pressure: ±0.4kPa/±3mmHg   Pulse: ±5% of reading
Inflation Automatic by micro air pump
Deflation Automatic electronic control valve
Memory function 2*90 group memories
Automatic power off In 3 minutes after using
Power Source 4xAA alkaline battery DC.6V
LCD indication Pressure: 3 digits display of mmHgPulse:3 digits display Symbol: Memory/Heartbeat/Low battery
Main Item Size LxWxH=132x100x65mm5.20x3.94x2.56 inch
Main Unite Life 10000times under normal use
Accessories Cuff, instruction manual
Operating Environment +5℃ to +40 ℃       15% to 85%RH
Storage Environment -20℃ to +55℃       10% to 85%RH
Way of use Fully automatic one-button measurement
Main Features For Electronic  Sphygmomanometer  Automatic BP Machine Digital Upper Arm 1.Measurement method: oscillometric method 2.Display screen: LCE big digital display shows high pressure / low pressure / pulse 3.Blood pressure classification: WHO sphygmomanometer classification indicates blood pressure health 4.Intelligent pressurization: automatic pressurization and decompression, IHB heart rate detection 5.year/month/day time display 6.2*90sets of measurement results memory for two people; the average reading of the last 3 measurements for data comparison 7.One button measurement,automatic turn on-off for convenient operation 8.Blood pressure value unit Kpa and mmHg for conversion (boot default unit is mmHg) Comfortable cuff included 9.voice broadcast function is optional,any OEM demand availableFor accurate measurements, please do as the following steps: 1.Relax about 5-10 minutes before measuring. Avoid eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, and bathing for 30 minutes before taking measurements. 2.Roll up your sleeve but not too tight, remove watch or other ornaments from the measured arm; 3.Put the upper arm blood pressure monitor on your left wrist,and  the led screen up towards the face. 4.Please sit on a chair and take an erect body posture, make sure the blood pressure monitor is on the same level with  heart. Don't bend over or cross your legs or talking during the measurement, until measurement is complete; 5.Read the measuring data and check your blood pressure by referring the WHO classification indicator .   NOTE: Arm circumference should be measured with measuring tape in the middle of the relaxed upper arm. Do not force cuff connection into the opening. Make sure the cuff connection is not pushed into the AC adapter port.

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