Ultrasound Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Monitor - FD100

● CE&FDA certificate ● High resolution LCD screen ● Fetal heart rate signal dynamic display ● Professional deep waterproof probe ● Easy to disinfect and clean

Products Details

Product name: Ultrasound Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Monitor
Product model: FD100
Display: 45mm*25mm LCD(1.77*0.98 inch)
FHR Measuring Range: 50~ 240BPM
Resolution: 1 BPM
Accuracy: +/-2BPM
Output power: P < 20mW
Power Consumption: < 208mm
Operating frequency: 2.0mhz +10%
Working mode: continuous wave ultrasonic Doppler
Type of battery: two 1.5V batteries
Product size: 13.5cm*9. 5cm*3.5cm(5.31*3.74*1.38 inch)
Net product capacity: 180g
Fetal Doppler is also called fetal heart rate monitor. It can obtain fetal heart movement information from the abdomen of pregnant women according to the principle of Doppler. It is not used for continuous monitoring and only obtains fetal heart movement information. It is mainly used as an electronic instrument for fetal heart rate monitoring to monitor whether the fetal fetal movement is abnormal, and make corresponding treatments according to the fetal heart rate. 1. High resolution LCD screen, automatic calculation of fetal heart rate, digital display 2. Fetal heart rate signal dynamic display, signal quality prompt, visual 3. High sensitivity, wide beam pulsed wave ultrasonic probe, which can obtain a larger focus area and achieve more uniform coverage at greater depth 4. Easily detect pregnant women regardless of their condition, even obesity 5. Professional deep waterproof probe, easy to disinfect and clean 6. Built-in hi-fi speaker plays fetal heart sound 7. Active noise reduction, fetal heart sound loud and clear, adjustable volume 8. Low power consumption design, unique power management and automatic cut-off technology, automatic shutdown time, protect battery life●The instrument is a portable device. Please be careful to avoid falling during use and pay attention to the safety of the instrument and personnel. ●Fetal heart is a short time to check the fetal heart rate equipment, not suitable for a long time to monitor the fetus, can not replace the traditional fetal monitor, if the user of the instrument measurement results doubt, should take other medical measures to confirm. ●The probe should not be used in the case of rupture or bleeding in contact with the skin. The probe should be disinfected after use by patients with skin disease. ●The probe surface in contact with the patient may cause discomfort to the patient due to biological compatibility issues.Doppler may cause skin irritation to users.If the patient feels unwell or has allergies, they should stop using it immediately and seek medical treatment if necessary.

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