Nebulizer Machine ( UN207 )

● CE&FDA certificate ● OEM&ODM available ● Quiet, Easy carry and clean ● 3 working modes: High, Medium, Low ● Automatically shut off after the use of 20 minutes

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Mains connection:100-240V,50-60Hz,0.15A Input:5V/1A Atomized particles:≤5 μm Flow rate:approx.0.2ml/min Noise:≤50dB(A) Volume:max.10ml Product weight:100g+5%(not including accessories) Dimensions:118mm(height), 39.5mm(diameter) Housing material:ABS Operating temperature conditions: +5°C~+40°C Operating relative humidity:15%~93% Operating storage conditions: -10°C~+45° 6.Built-in lithium battery.This device adopts the latest micro porous ultrasonic atomizing technology that sprays liquid medication into aerosol/vapor to inhale directly, achieves the purpose of painless, rapid and effective treatment. This device is used by both adults and children who suffer from the following conditions: • Asthma • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary • Disease(COPD) • Emphysema • Chronic Bronchitis • other respiratory diseases with obstructed airflow • Patients on and off ventilation or other positive pressure breathing assistance• Please only use pure soluble liquid in this device, DO NOT use purified water, oil, milk, or thick liquid. The volume of automation varies with the thickness of the liquid used. • Make sure to clean the mesh insert after every use to, DO NOT touch the mesh with your hand, brushes or any hard objects. • DO NOT submerge the device or rinse with liquid, if liquid get in the nebulizer, make sure it fully dries before the next use. • DO NOT place the device on hot surface. DO NOT turn on the device without liquid in the liquid compartment.Description of Device And Accessories (1) Description of Device And Accessories (2) Description of Device And Accessories (3)1.There are 3 working modes: High, Medium, Low. to scroll through modes, press the power button. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to initiate automatic cleaning. 2.The LED indicator light turns yellow when the device is charging, green when it is done charging, it will turn green/yellow alternately when the device is in automatic cleaning mode. 3.The device will automatically shut off after the use of 20 minutes. 4.The device comes with a lithium battery built into the unit. 5. The mesh module can be replaced by user. 6.Built-in lithium battery. Before Use It is VERY IMPORTANT for hygiene reasons that the device and accessories are cleaned and disinfected before every use. If the therapy requires that various different liquid be inhaled in succession, ensure that the medicine cup module is rinsed after every use. How to Use 1.Open the lid of the medicine container, fill with medicine or isotonic saline solution and close the lid. Note: max fill is 10ml , DO NOT overfill. 2.Attach accessories as needed (mouthpiece or mask). For the mouthpiece, wrap lips around the accessory tightly. For the mask:place it over both nose and mouth. 3.Press on the power button and select your needed working mode. Note: each mode will take different time to atomize all the liquid. For 5ml: High Mode : take about ~15 minutes Medium Mode: take about ~20 minutes Low Mode : take about~ 30 minutes 4.Press the power button to start the device. 5.The mesh nebulizer is on blue light hows that it is working perfectly. 6.Press the power button again if the device turn off automatically after using 20 minutes. 7. The mesh module (if needed): remove the mesh module by rotating it anticlockwise and install the mesh module by rotating it clockwise, as shown in the previous picture. Charging the Device 1.The device recharges with a USB cord. 2.The LED light will be orange while charging and blue when fully charged. 3.Runtime on a full charge is approximately 120 minutes. How to Clean and Maintain 1.To clean accessories : remove the mouthpiece and any accessories from the device, wipe or soak with medical wipe. 2.To clean the nebulizer : add 6ml of clean water to the container cup and start the automatic cleaning mode. Remove any the mesh plate and remove any residue. 3. If the outside of the device needs cleaning, wipe with dry towel. 4.Return the mesh plate to the device after full cleaning and store in a dry and cool place. 5.Make sure to charge the battery AT LEAST every 2 month to keep battery life strong. 6. Clean the medicine cup immediately after use and don’t leave any solution in the machine, keep the medicine cup dry.



There is little or no aerosol coming out of the nebulizer. 1 Insufficient liquid in the cup.2 The nebulizer is not held an upright position.3 The item in the cup is too thick to produce aerosol 4 The indoor temperature is too low, fill in 3-6ml hot water (above 80°)DO NOT inhale.
Low output 1 Running out of Power, recharge the battery or replace new battery.                                                       2 Check and remove the the bubbles inside the container which are preventing the liquid from coming into continuous contact with mesh plate.                                                        3 Check and remove the residue on the mesh plate, use 2 to 3 drops of white vinegar and 3 to 6 ml of water and run through. DO NOT inhale,  rinse and disinfect the container before using again.                                      4 Mesh plate is worn out and needs to be replaced.
Which medicines can be used in this nebulizer? With a viscosity of 3 or lower.For specific liquid for your condition, consult your physician.
Why is there still liquid in the nebulizer in the end ? 1 This is normal and occurs for technical reasons.                               2 Stop inhaling when the the sound of the nebulizer changes.                                         3 Stop inhaling when the device automatically shuts due to insufficient inhalant.
How can this device be used with babies or children? Cover the baby’s or children’s the mouth and nose with mask to make sure inhale.                                                      Note: Children can not allowed to use the device alone, must be done with supervision of an adult.
Do you need different accessories for different users? YES, this is very important to maintain proper hygiene.
What’s Included: 1x Mini Mesh Nebulizer 1x USB Cord 2x Face Mask (Adult and children) 1x Mouthpiece 1x User Manual

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