Ultrasound Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Monitor - FD400

● CE&FDA certificate ● Screen type: TFT display ● Safe and has zero radiation ● Can be monitored at home ● Easy to disinfect and clean

Products Details

Product name: Ultrasound Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Monitor
Product model: FD400
Screen type: TFT display
FHR Measuring Range: 50~ 240BPM
Resolution: Beat once per minute
Accuracy: Run-out +2 times/min
Output power: P < 20mW
Power Consumption: < 208mm
Operating frequency: 2.0mhz +10%
Working mode: continuous wave ultrasonic Doppler
Type of battery: two 1.5V batteries
Product size: 14cm*8. 5cm*4cm(5.51*3.35*1.57 inch)
Net product capacity: 180g
● This instrument is a portable device. Please be careful to avoid falling and collision during use, and pay attention to the safety of the instrument and personnel. Doppler fetal heart rate monitor is a device for checking fetal heart rate in a short time. It is not suitable for long-term monitoring of the fetus and cannot replace traditional fetal heart rate monitors. Monitoring and diagnosis shall prevail. ● Do not use when the probe breaks or bleeds in contact with the skin. Dermatological patients should disinfect the probe after use. Please keep it properly after use to keep the product clean and tidy. ● The surface of the probe in contact with the patient may cause discomfort to the patient due to biocompatibility issues. Fetal Doppler may cause skin irritation to the user. If the patient feels unwell or allergic, they should stop using it immediately and seek medical advice if necessary. ● We recommend that the ultrasound irradiation time for pregnant women should be shortened as much as possible under the premise of meeting the clinical needs. ● When using this instrument, please use the earphones configured by the manufacturer. Using other headphones may result in lower volume or change in sound quality, making the experience less enjoyable. ● This instrument cannot be used with high-frequency surgical equipment, with fetal monitors, or with two or more fetuses at the same time. Please use this instrument for monitoring alone. ● This instrument is easily affected by portable or mobile radio frequency communication equipment, such as mobile phones, during operation. Avoid using portable or mobile RF communication equipment near the instrument, which may interfere with the instrument, causing abnormal sound output and even abnormal measurements. So please make sure there are no electronic devices nearby when using it. ● The ultrasonic probe used by the instrument is a sensitive device. Please handle with care when using. Do not knock or bump, and pay attention to prevent accidental damage such as falling. Please use and keep it properly. ● The instrument may generate a small amount of electromagnetic radiation during use, which may cause interference to nearby electronic equipment or instruments. ● Home users should read the manual carefully when using the device. If there is anything unclear, please contact us in time. We will provide information such as graphic descriptions and video operations to help users quickly and accurately grasp the use of this device.

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